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M.A.T.E.S. x A.F.S.N Partnership

M.A.T.E.S. for Change Australia (M.A.T.E.S.) and the Australia Family and Student Network Inc (A.F.S.N.) have joined forces to empower students and parents from across Victoria, enhancing their understanding of and engagement with our education system.

Together, our aim is to champion students' rights, advocate for fair access as well as for greater choice within our education system. Additionally, we strive to cultivate inclusive and supportive environments where every child has the chance to excel academically.

M.A.T.E.S. and the A.F.S.N. are looking for both students and parents to serve as:

a) Committee and Subcommittee members

b) Office & Board members

Duration: 1 year 

Timing:  Commencing 1 Jult 2024 - 30 June 2025.

Applications will open on the 15th of May 2024.

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