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Social network concept


Oct 2019

M.A.T.E.S. is excited to pioneer  Australia's first Social Blockchain, designed for NFPs, Associations and Charities. Launching in Australia and the U.S. mid 2020.

Similing Team


Nov 2019

From January 2020, eligible NFPs, Charities and Associations are able to access the M.A.T.E.S. HQ located @ 380 Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD. 

Whether to conduct workshops or board meeting - M.A.T.E.S. wants to support social action!

Computer Robot

Industry 4.0 

Oct 2019

M.A.T.E.S. Australia is undertaking an extensive review to understand the impacts of Industry 4.0. on NFPs, Associations and Charities over the next 3 - 10 years. The final Report is expected to be published in mid 2020.

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