Mobilising the Future for Social Change

Who is M.A.T.E.S?

M.A.T.E.S or Multicultural Australians Transforming and Engaging Society is a non-profit organisation and is here to equip and challenge young multicultural Australians to participate in the social purpose sector. We have three core functions:

1. Equip young professionals through participation in the social purpose sector;

2. Challenge young professionals to advocate and act for social justice; 

3. Connect the social purpose sector with professional talent.

Why M.A.T.E.S?

With globalisation and the increasing movement of people, new cultures are connecting and ideas are being shared. Millennials, in particular, are more mobile than ever and bring global and innovative perspectives to solving  problems.

It is necessary for this growing multicultural generation to use their talent to be active in solving social justice problems, to embrace leadership in the social purpose sector and to take up their responsibility in shaping the future.


M.A.T.E.S has been established to equip this generation and challenge them to make a difference for things that matter.

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